January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015!

Day 1 of 2015.

According to my readings and what Imran and I had in our discussions, this year would be a very hard one. Well, at least for us. Crashes in economy, politics, social. All around the globe. That would give some impact to our life a little bit. More, perhaps.

But that won't be something that stopping us to go on our journey. We believe that we are on the right path and we always pray to God for His blessing. May God grant us with strength and ease in everything we do.

And for this year onwards, I pray for peace in the whole world. I pray for the positive thoughts and good health in everybody. And I pray for a happy new year!

Till then, ta-ta!

December 17, 2014

December, keep going on!

Salam and Hello!

Just want to share with you what I have done last night. Photo transfer on fabric --in a way to finish the handbound book that halfway done for Imran.

This time I used gesso as a medium to transfer the photo on calico fabric and mod podge for the coating of the image transferred. It was almost perfectly done, with just a little bit of paper pulps left on the image after it has been transferred and coated with mod podge. But I have cleaned it up a lil' bit and it's all done.

I think I'm gonna put this image on the cover of Imran's book and I hope it could finish before new year.

Well, the days gone by, December is almost over, and in a couples of days we're gonna say goodbye to 2014. Whatever has been achieved and what's not, just keep going, keep moving forward. Some books has to be closed, some can be added with new sheets for new pages and continue.

Till then, Bye!

October 4, 2014

Wedding Guest Book: Sabarina And Syauki

Salam and Hello!
It has been a while since my last post. I don't know, maybe I've been busy with my life, work and everything in between. But I have all the updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Okay, this post is about another handmade Wedding Guest Book that I've made for my customer, Sabarina (she's actually my colleague) from KL. The theme was lilac and cream.

So, I made the book with Japanese stab binding, I used calico for the cover as it's more to creamy color. And the flowers (Layla and Mini Leli) were made of different kind of fabrics.

The wedding was on September 14, 2104 and this book was ordered 2 weeks before. Thanks to Allah to make it happen (even though I had to struggle juggling between Satrya and this during the process). And again, Imran was a great partner and supporter.

Here are some photos of it. Enjoy!



I wish the couple and the whole family and friends would enjoy their day fabulously!
Till then, bye!

January 15, 2014

Twenty Fourteen

December 2, 2013

More and more...

During a lengthy hiatus, I've made some stuff and cooked some delicious foods and visit some interesting places. And here, I share some photos.

Cameron Highland with Imran

 A quick and simple handmade birthday card together with an orange ukulele for him.

 Assorted fabric flower.

 Hang out at uncle's home studio.

Headband for Adelea Zara.

Eco-craft at Parkamaya KL. Vintage stamp jewelry with Kak Mastura of whimsicalnquirky.

 Meet a new friend - Aishah of Beads For Keeps.

After a long time admiring her creations, finally I'd joined her class of Denim Wall Art. Norliza of SekociNorlie.

Furoshiki Class with MisFyd of MisFydKrafts.

 My very first beading on a wedding dress. Requested by Kak Ina of Cakeworm, for her sister having her wedding in UK.

Some MiniLeli brooches ordered by a friend.

I really love weekend with home cooked foods and craft. A brown leather bracelet and hazelnut chocolate brownies. 

Sunday Art Jam at D7, Sentul.

Flower Power Craft Get Together at D7, Sentul.

Felt flower hand bouquet class with SekociNorlie at Shah Alam.

 Identifying my skin color match. Personel Image Empowerment Course.

 My sister, Alifah... I mean Dr. Alifah convocation day at MMMC, Malacca.

Practical Assembly of UAV course.

 UAV ground station setting course at Cameron Highland.

I love this recently. Birdie glass cabochon pendant.

Vintage stamp glass cabochon pendant.

The only cookies I made for Hari Raya during confinement. 

Finally I'm free! Let's celebrate!

Grilled Salmon at home.

 Again, weekend with homemade seafood lasagne and leather ribbon bracelet.

 Home-grown sweet basil and Chinese chive. Aglo olio for lunch.

Pink MiniLeli and Layla.

Canvas art with mixed media. I used photo transfer method on this layout.

Pink Butterfly glass cabochon pendant. 

 Cross over project. Can you spot MiniLeli on this bouquet. This bouquet is made by SekociNorlie for someone's wedding.

Till then, bye!